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Fragment M_51 2012

For the works of the "Fragments" series, Arthur Duff is inspired by the work of the French astronomer Charles Messier and in particular his astronomical catalog (1774), the first concerning celestial objects other than stars. In fact, Duff recreates star clusters by manipulating interwoven, knotted and overlapping nautical ropes, visually researching three-dimensionality and playing between density and rarefaction, between continuos solids and voids. Just as Messier's celestial objects were numbered from M1 to M110, so Duff's "Fragments" follow this taxonomy, clearly demonstrating his willingness to refer to the celestial space.

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Arthur Duff

Arthur Duff was born in Wiesbaden in 1973. After living in the USA, where his parents are from, he went to Korea, Germany Japan and settled down in Italy. He currently lives and works in Vicenza.
Arthur Duff’s artistic research aims to achieve a progressive involvement and identification between visitor and space, in a temporal short-circuit that combines past and present. Duff works and assembles different organic and inorganic materials (polyester wires and nets, lava stone, paper, neon, laser), which he uses to reason on the concept of light and light pulsation, intended as a dynamic tool of knowledge. 
Whether it’s a tangle of knotted threads like a universe of particles or a laser beam that brings out the text from space or words written in neon on lava rocks, everything always leads to the theme of transformation, the perception and the role of visual language within the social context.


Arthur Duff

Fragment M_51, 2012

polyester rope and iron frame

50 x 50 x 8 cm

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