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Videodrome, 2015
In the artistic research of Lorenzo Passi, glass is not simply a media used to create sculptures, but is the main subject of his work. The act of blowing is conceived as a flow of life-giving energy that goes from the artist’s creator ego to the piece he is making. This not only comes alive but becomes the bearer of a vital spark infused by the artist who in turn performs a metamorphosis, becoming a demiurge, then creator of a real unexplored world. The main feature of Passi’s work is the choice to combine glass with other materials that in some cases were created ad hoc by the artist. In others they are scraps of industrial processes or are real object trouvé representative of the world in which we live. He uses these materials to hold the glass, a fluid substance, as if they were molds, creating real fossils of a collective memory in which the transparency of glass is contaminated but at the same time connected with the real world. 

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Lorenzo Passi

Lorenzo Passi was born in Milan in 1985. He lives and works in Venice.

At the age of 20 he began his apprenticeship in Murano in the renowned laboratories of Archimede Seguso and Oscar Zanetti, where he learned the techniques for the production of blown and solid glass.

In 2009 he moved to Nuutajärvi in Finland, where he continued his studies on glass and its processing at the "Nuutajärven Lasikouli", graduating three years later.. Back in Italy, in 2011, he moved to Venice to continue working in Murano with Giovanni Nicola, heir to Archimede Seguso. He debuted as an artist in 2013: since then, his work has appeared in solo and group exhibitions in Europe and Asia.


Lorenzo Passi

Videodrome,  2015

blown glass and metal structure

30 x 36 x 30 cm

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