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Untitled, 2019
The technique of Sicilian artist Giuseppe Adamo constitutes an original approach to painting, impossible to associate with evocative models and belonging to a hybrid terrain of conflict between figuration and abstraction. Characterized by glazes, transparencies and tonal variations, his painting bewitches and deceives, projecting the viewer into a trompe l'oeil without architecture and scenography, leading him to wonder if it is three-dimensional surfaces, or not. Now velvety and evanescent, now rough and rippled, it imitates surfaces and patterns of nature and its landscapes, only to reveal smooth pictorial surfaces, totally devoid of material thickness.

the artist/

Giuseppe Adamo

Giuseppe Adamo (Alcamo, 1982) is a young Sicilian artist formed in the extraordinary creative forge of Palermo which has imposed to the national attention for its pictorial research in the last decades. His treatment of the canvas puts the observer in front of an intriguing perception where everything gets confused, pushing him to find a personal and stimulating visual synthesis. Are those abstract shapes or is there a connection to reality? Are they smooth and polished pictorial surfaces, or is there a material depth? Adamo triggers these doubts with his sensual schemes; dissembling, ambiguity and mimesis are the chosen territories for his creative act and for his interfacing with the world.


Giuseppe Adamo

Untitled,  2019

acrylic on prepared paper

59 x 45,5 cm (with frame)

On request

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