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storage/ 24 April - 31 October 2020

In a peculiar and difficult moment like the one we were all facing during this year, the mutual esteem and heartfelt desire for collaboration that unites the gallery network of Venice Galleries View since its establishment in 2017, spurred the launch of a new collaborative project titled Storage.


Storage allowed visitors to discover a selection of nine artworks every week - one work personally handpicked by each gallery from their gallery storages. The galleries thereby opened a virtual door to their spaces and invited their audiences to have a peek inside their storages, locations normally closed to the public.

During the months June, July, August and September the project expanded even further by collaborating with several international guest galleries that each presented an artwork from their storage as well. Participating guest galleries included: Piero Atchugarry Gallery, Galerie Isabelle Gounod, Van Doren Waxter and Norbert Arns with works by Pablo Rasgado, Leslie Smith III, Jackie Saccoccio and Isabelle Young.

in-edita/ 20 July - 20 September 2020

The project in-edita, conceived by Marina Bastianello and coordinated by Venice Galleries View, presents an opportunity for an in-depth study of individual artistic working methods of 18 selected artists, in light of current issues of contemporary research processes and with the aim of encouraging a dynamic and versatile approach to artistic research.



Venice Galleries View launches an open call aimed at artists under 40 from the Venetian surrounding area.

Participation in residencies and workshops will take place in two sessions, according to the following program:


Session I:

20.07-20.08.2020 (9 artists) - 21.08-20.09.2020 (9 artists)

Focus: DEDALO - art studio laboratory

A committee of gallerists will select 18 artists who will have the opportunity to work in assigned studio spaces within the Forte Marghera, Monument and Public Park, which connects Venice to the Salso Canal and

other culturally rich locations on the mainland. The artists will be able to find a fruitful exchange amongst each other and develop their research precisely in the year in which Venice will be enjoyable as never before due to the reduced tourism caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A series of studio visits will be organised to bring for example museum directors together with collectors and curators to the ateliers to get to know the artists and their work. Once a week, by pre-online reservation, the public will be invited to participate in a series of free guided visits, organised in collaboration with Dr. Anna Bigai, President of the Cooperativa Guide Turistiche Autorizzate di Venezia, to rediscover the city through an unprecedented itinerary. DEDALO will be concluded in autumn with a final group exhibition of works created during the residency. 


Session II:


Focus: DIORAMA - art platform

DIORAMA is a contemporary art platform which includes several Venetian galleries and a group of their represented artists. The goal is to organise a series of meetings hosted in the spaces made available by Forte Marghera with the aim of opening up new perspectives and lines of cultural development. These meetings will be accompanied by several online formats that will allow anyone to participate remotely.

Event series:

29 July 2020, 18:00 at Forte Marghera - Download press release Memento mori

26 August 2020, 18:00 at Forte Marghera

16 September 2020, 18:00 at Forte Marghera


Alberta Pane, Beatrice Burati Anderson, Dorothea van der Koelen, Živa Kraus, Matilde Cadenti, Emanuela Fadalti, Marina Bastianello and Michela Rizzo.

exhibition/ 5 June - 31 July 2020

Materiche & Video

M9 Cloister

Via Giovanni Pascoli, 11, 30171, Mestre

curated by Venice Galleries View
in collaboration with M9

The exhibition Materiche, under the banner of a strong feminine identity, featuring the works of nine artists (Mariateresa Sartori, Katarzyna Kozyra, Silvia Levenson, Romina De Novellis, Lore Bert, Silvia Infranco, Margherita Morgantin, Sonia Costantini and Ylenia Deriu), is a narration that gently ranges between concepts such as memory, time, strength, coexistence, individuality, belonging, materiality, reality and imagination. Different artists and styles dialogue in a unique harmony as it happens in Venice Galleries View, a project of cultural and artistic collaboration between contemporary art galleries in Venice and Mestre (Alberta Pane, Beatrice Burati Anderson Art Space&Gallery, Caterina Tognon, Dorothea van der Koelen, Ikona Gallery, Marignana Arte, marina bastianello gallery, Michela Rizzo). This network of ideas and people forms a true living structure and constitutes a single material body. 

The title Materiche not surprisingly recalls matter as a primordial substance, mere power, but also alludes to the Latin derivation mater = mother, in this case woman, understood as a principle, as a source, but also as a root. It’s all that takes up space, that has body and shape. The core of the show focuses on the search for identity, a perennial and inexhaustible investigation that reveals a strong and feminine ego. Materiche is a powerful and inclusive exhibition, where every work must be observed as a material substance that generates an intimate and energetic dialogue between those who create it and those who observe it.

the cloister of M9 Museum will also be animated by a selection of videos specifically designed to invade and give voice to the urban space surrounding the museum. The videos accompany the exhibition and have been selected among the artists of the galleries that take part in the initiative. The programming of video in this context seemed particularly appropriate, both for the strong message transmitted and to strengthen the visual impact and the dialogue with M9 Museum known for its interest in technology and multimedia.

With exhibition inaugurations, special events and Sunday openings, the Gallery Weekend aims to offer the public a cultural extravaganza in the name of contemporary art, a great opportunity to get to know the work that the galleries carry out throughout the year, as well as to promote culture and the artists they support.

The Gallery Weekend will be a reoccurring event, happening once a year. 

gallery weekend/ 22-24 March 2019

Along with exhibition openings in some of the main cultural institutions of the Venetian lagoon, the Gallery Weekend, organised by Venice Galleries View, offered a three-day program of inaugurations and special opening hours in affiliated contemporary art galleries.

From Friday March 22nd through Sunday 24th, Venice was animated by a series of special events, with the aim to highlight the strong bonds of the participating galleries of Venice Galleries View, which have woven a network of partnerships in order to enhance the cultural landscape as well as to sustain the art market in Venice.

exhibition/ 25-26 October 2018

 Art and business: roads to innovation

Ca’ Giustinian de’ Vescovi, Dorsoduro, 3228, 30123 Venezia

curated by Lucia Longhi

in memory of Lara Lupinc

Venice Galleries View, together with the university Ca' Foscari in Venice and in collaboration with the spin-off of the Ateneo Strategy Innovation, presents Art and Business: Roads to Innovation, an exhibition to highlight the synergy between the world of art and that of companies. By showing a cross-section of their research, the galleries interact with the theme proposed by the forum, social innovation. The galleries thereby propose to further develop - thanks to this shared project - the link between art and business which Ca’ Foscari works on with a multi-year research.

Artists/Galleries in Exhibition: Esther Stocker/Galerie Alberta Pane; Margherita Morgantin, 

Francesco Candeloro, Anita Sieff/Beatrice Burati Anderson Art Space&Gallery; Richard Meitner/Caterina Tognon; Carolin Liebl&Nikolas Schmid-Pfähler/La Galleria di Dorothea Van Der Koelen; Ferdinando Scianna, Sonia Costantini, Vjenceslav Richter/Ikona Venezia; Maurizio Donzelli, Marco Maria Zanin, Arthur Duff/Marignana Arte; Lalla Lussu, Rebecca Moccia, Giovanni Sartori Braido/Galleria Massimodeluca; Francesco Jodice, Matthew Attard, Martino Genchi/Galleria Michela Rizzo.

gallery weekend/ 17-18 February 2018

With exhibition inaugurations, special events and Sunday openings, the Gallery Weekend aims to offer the public a cultural extravaganza in the name of contemporary art, a great opportunity to get to know the work that the galleries carry out throughout the year, as well as to promote culture and the artists they support.

The Gallery Weekend will be a reoccurring event, happening once a year. 

the beginning/ 2017-2018

The initiative "Venice Galleries View" as a network of nine contemporary art galleries in Venice is formed with the goal to enhance, support and develop contemporary art in and around Venice. 

Coinciding with special events, Venice Galleries View publishes an informative map four times a year that guides through the city with emphasis on new exhibitions and inaugurations. 

Collaborative events such as a Gallery Weekend are planned for the near future. 

Image: Some of the gallerists at an inaugural event: Caterina Tognon, Marina Bastianello, Alberta Pane, Michela Rizzo, Matilde Cadenti, Emanuela Fadalti, Beatrice Burati Anderson, Ziva Kraus (from left to right). 

reflections / 27 March - 29 May 2021

Venice Galleries View is pleased to present Reflections, a group exhibition presented exclusively online on Vortic Collect.


Venice Galleries View enables the mind to travel by using a new and digital showcase to present works by nine artists - one per gallery - who, through different media, declinations and nuances, stimulate reflections and convey feelings that only the magical city of Venice can transmit.

When experiencing Venice, one finds oneself immersed in a lightness that is sometimes inexplicable when compared to the strong historical and artistic attributes that characterise the city. Light and water are the city’s fundamental elements: graceful rays of light shine onto the water, are then reflected onto the building’s walls, where a play between light and shadow draw undulating and vibrant patterns onto the seemingly sparkling facades.

It is for this reason that in Venice one has the impression of perceiving nature, although one is not really immersed in it; it is perceived in fact through these sensations that the city spontaneously offers: the warm glare of the morning light and its reflections that play on the surface of the water which embraces the city and, as mirror, constantly reflects another self.
In Venice there is man and his reflection; there is architecture and its double: can one ever really be alone here? In the face of all this, “man occupies an imperceptible space” and may feel naturally led to reflect on one’s own identity and position in the world.


Reflections includes works from nine artists who are using different media and techniques to focus on the same subject matter of reflections through its multiple meanings such as transparency, being diaphanous, or the property of transmitting light - be it through glass, the overlay-effect of photography or the appliance of paint - or the reflective properties of mirrored surfaces - be they geometric, synesthetic or conceptual nature. Together, the group of works by the following artists retrace the meaning of reflections, to reflect, reflectance, and have been selected with the aim of transmitting this very effect.

With works by:

Gayle Chong Kwan - Alberta Pane (Paris, Venice)
Andrew Huston - Beatrice Burati Anderson Art Space & Gallery
Jessica Loughlin - Caterina Tognon arte contemporanea
Lore Bert - La Galleria di Dorothea van der Koelen
Eduard Angeli - IKONA gallery
Maurizio Donzelli - Marignana Arte
Agostino Bergamaschi - marina bastianello gallery
David Rickard - Galleria Michela Rizzo
Alex Hartley - Victoria Miro Venice

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