CC_Untitled (Self-portrait)_1939

Galleria Alberta Pane

Photographs and books by Surrealist artist and writer Claude Cahun (France, 1894 - 1954) are on show for the first time at the Alberta Pane gallery in Venice. This is an important project that aims to highlight the exceptional research of Claude Cahun (born Lucy Schwob) who, together with her half-sister and life partner Marcel Moore (born Suzanne Malherbe), anticipated discussions on topics of extreme relevance in contemporary society, such as gender and identity. The show is accompanied by a publication with texts by Silvia Mazzucchelli, Miriam Rejas Del Pino, Paola Ugolini and gallerist Alberta Pane. Each volume contains a limited edition Fine Art print, inspired by the work of Claude Cahun/Marcel Moore, created by Marcos Lutyens. 

I Owe You - Claude Cahun / Marcel Moore 

Works selection by Silvia Mazzucchelli 

21 April - 27 August 2022

Winter Seas - Beatrice Burati Anderson Art Space & Gallery - Cartografia del mare_
Winter Seas - Beatrice Burati Anderson Art Space & Gallery - exhibition view_Mauro Pipani.

Beatrice Burati Anderson Art Space & Gallery

Winter seas

8 January - 26 March 2022

Water, the element that inspired the title of the exhibition Winter Seas, invades the space and becomes an absolute protagonist of the works exhibited in the new Venetian space of Beatrice Burati Anderson, which hosts the bi-personal exhibition by Ilaria Abbiento and Mauro Pipani in a compositional symbiosis that includes painting, photography and video installation.

In the works of the artists Ilaria Abbiento and Mauro Pipani the flow of time and memory emerges from interior landscapes, photographs of moods and paintings that become mirrors of a life, in a continuous dialogue between the lagoon and the sea, through the calm language that characterizes the research of both artists, in the name of transparency and feeling.

Giampaolo Babetto, Floreale, 2021, Anello in oro giallo 750, vetro, Ph. Giustino Chemello.
Giampaolo Babetto, Frames, 2020, Anello in oro giallo 750, vetro, Ph. Giustino Chemello


Basilica di San Giorgio Maggiore e Sacrestia, Venezia

Giampaolo Babetto, internationally well-known artist and creator of jewellery (“wearable architectures”) exhibited in 42 museums around the world and present in the most refined collections, confronts the Sacred. He chooses to do so in the monumental Palladian Basilica of the Abbey of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice, historical and artistic heritage of the lagoon city and an unquestioned place of devotion and spirituality.

A cura di Andrea Nante e Carmelo Grasso

Giampaolo Babetto. Segno e Luce

15 January - 3 April 2022

Milestones 1 - Kosuth + Buren
Milestones 6 Wu + Kazem

La Galleria Dorothea Van der Koelen

MILESTONES. 20 Years of La Galleria a Venezia

17 September 2021 - 30 March 2022

On June 8th, 2021 Dorothea van der Koelen's La Galleria in Venice turned 20!

On September 17th, the gallerist, publisher and benefactress celebrated this special event with an extraordinary themed exhibition: Milestones, in which she presented some significant ›milestones‹ that have shaped the successful and exciting history of La Galleria, with works by the gallery's top artists: Lore Bert, Daniel Buren, Gottfried Honegger, Mohammed Kazem, Joseph Kosuth, François Morellet, Fabrizio Plessi, Arne Quinze, Turi Simeti, Günther Uecker, Guang Yao Wu.



mother water, mother mud
chanted meditations with the lagoon

03 April – 05 May 2022

An exhibition of Shira Horesh and Yafit Reuveny
Curated by Marta Blanchietti, Vittoria Brachi, Eleonora Da Col and Leopoldo Zampiccoli.

A recollection of meditations on the creative-destructive power of voice, waters and the female. Reflections moving from the Lagoon, as an ancestral force, an agent of erosion and sedimentation that unmasks the ephemeral nature of the anthropic. Multi-media works (sounds, visuals, performances) by Horesh and Reuveny unfold to visitors in a series of cyclically interconnected acts, in a play of reflections and refractions.
If Venice is a home and a temple, Ikona becomes an intimate shrine, where to sound our own depths, where to chant and meditate, where to re-think and re-shape who we are, and how we exist, in relation to, and together with, the waters of the Lagoon.

Sacro e profano – Serena Fineschi

27 November 2021 - 18 March 2022

Serena e Fineschi, _Sacro e Profano_ installation view 1
Serena Fineschi, _Degno di ogni dispetto (La Battaglia di San Romano), 2021, carta Canson
_Pittura, pittura, pittura_ installation view

Marignana Arte

Sacred and profane are two words that, in Serena Fineschi’s experience, characterize a relationship with painting, as there is both a sacral respect for and breaking of traditional canons.

Sacred and Profane is composed of two distinct but connected journeys. The first is Fineschi’s personal exhibition, in the main space of the gallery, in which the artist conducts a reflection on painting from the fourteenth century to the present day. This brings to conclusion a cycle of works started by the artist a few years ago. The second is a collective exhibition in the project room by artists working in the contemporary Italian pictorial panorama, all personally invited by Fineschi to participate. 

1. Živa Kraus, portrait

The exhibition is a careful selection of twenty-five works created with different techniques. We will go from painting, to drawings and pastels, up to the works made in charcoal. The video The Motovun Tape made in 1976 will also be exhibited. The exhibition will be conceived as a chromatic dance, an elegant intertwining of shapes and colors. As embodied in its very name, vitality will be the distinctive note of the whole exhibition. "Živa" in Croatian has two meanings, the first is "alive", the other is "mercury". Both contain the characteristics of movement and speed. When Alberto Moravia spoke of her he described her as "The realist of the invisible". Starting from this sentence, the exhibition becomes an opportunity to discover his art, delve into the realm of the imperceptible and move among the signs and lines of the chromatic abstraction of his works.

28 March 2022 - 30 May 2022

UNICA – Živa Kraus


Michael Höpfner, Unfinished Walks (installation view 2, 2022). Photo by Sergio Martucci
Michael Höpfner, Unfinished Walks (installation view, 2022). Photo by Sergio Martucci
Michael Höpfner, Along Mud River Tomorrit II, 2022, pastel on silver gelatin print, artist

Unfinished Walks – Michael Höpfner

The Austrian artist Michael Höpfner in his first solo show at Galleria Michela Rizzo will focus on a series of new large-scale drawings, black and white photos, and installations that are the visual expressions of walking trips he undertook over the past few years. Höpfner’s practice is solely based on walking in nature discovering unknown landscapes. His erratic research generates artifacts that reflect on his personal journeys in unfamiliar and remote places.

As the title of the exhibition suggests these hiking trips have a beginning and follow certain walking lines but do not end at certain places: the artist surrenders to contingencies that happen during his walks, going off the trail.

19 February - 19 April 2022

Galleria Michela Rizzo

PR220_Descent From The Cross_2002_edge

Paula Rego: Secrets of Faith

23 April - 21 May 2022

Completed in 2002, the works on view depict episodes from the life of the Virgin Mary. ‘Of all my pictures, these were the most fun to make,’ Rego has said, and their importance can be measured by the fact that many have remained in her own collection; for years she kept one work from the cycle, Descent from the Cross, on her bedroom wall. This exhibition features additional works from the cycle and a number of related watercolours that reveal Rego’s thought processes as she depicts Mary viewed from the lived experience of women – embracing the Virgin’s iconography while unseating serene and ethereal depictions from art history, finding the most pertinent parts of the story and dramatising them in ways that speak beyond the traditional narrative. Rego’s challenge in telling the story not just from the Virgin’s perspective but from the position of an embodied female figure is one that drew on her knowledge of the Old Masters, Christian art and religious texts, as well as her own experience of flesh and faith.

Victoria Miro Venice