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Galleria Alberta Pane

Alberta Pane Gallery is pleased to present Island Ark by Marcos Lutyens, the first solo show ever held in the frame of its Venetian space. Island Ark is a project that seeks to remediate the loss of habitability due to sea level rise - happening to entire island nations across the world. The exhibition includes video, ceramic works, drawings, an audio induction, inductive portals and a maquette that could be used as a kit to help island nations decide which activities (i.e. practices of consciousness, reconnection to the senses, creative social interactions, stewardship of the environment) to include in their own platform.

Island Ark. Marcos Lutyens

2 September - 4 November 2023

Tuesday - Saturday, 10.30am - 6.30pm

Winter Seas - Beatrice Burati Anderson Art Space & Gallery - Cartografia del mare_
Winter Seas - Beatrice Burati Anderson Art Space & Gallery - exhibition view_Mauro Pipani.

Beatrice Burati Anderson Art Space & Gallery

15 May - 13 August 2023

The exhibition presents two site-specific installations by Emilio Fantin and Marzio Zorio. Sounds, lights, voices, drawings and some very essential objects, redesign the gallery’s spaces in both a fascinating and quite radical way. Through the narrative’s flow of a performance realized by five people, almost day-dreamers, it’s possible to tap into some normally undetectable areas of perception. On the other side, the dialogue between sound resonances and light reverberations, potentially allows all languages to be understood. The artists explore subtle and imperceptible territories, drawing a kind of intimacy’s landscape in the space of relationship (Fantin), or focusing on the sense of disorientation and distance, as they become ways to find a condition of balance (Zorio). An unexpected space of freedom is here unveiled, right in that silent, often unreachable condition belonging to both individual and collective consciousness. (C.S.)

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On the occasion of the seventh edition of The Venice Glass Week, Caterina Tognon arte contemporanea presents the publication "Autoritratti. Lilla Tabasso and Xavier F. Salomon: Homage to Rosalba Carriera". The volume presents a work by Lilla Tabasso (Milan, 1973) inspired by the last, superb self-portrait of the famous painter Rosalba Carriera (Venice, 1673 - 1757), which is housed at the Gallerie dell'Accademia. The glass work, accompanied in the publication by a text by Xavier F. Salomon, is composed of different botanical elements such as the laurel - which, in the painting, encircles Carriera's head -, the variety of rose known as Alba - hence, the name Rosalba - and the lilac - Tabasso's favourite flower.

Autoritratti Lilla Tabasso e Xavier F. Salomon: Omaggio a Rosalba Carriera

9 September - 4 November 2023


La Galleria Dorothea Van der Koelen

Blue - The Colour of the Place

20 May- 26 November 2023

In the occasion of this year's Architecture Biennale in Venice, La Galleria, the Venetian branch of the gallery Dr. Dorothea van der Koelen from Mainz, shows the theme exhibition Blue - The Colour of the Place. With eleven artists from nine countries, the exhibition combines a wide variety of artistic positions and cultural backgrounds. Dr. Dorothea van der Koelen presents in her galleries international avant-garde and new tendencies of concrete, conceptual and minimalistic contemporary art and artists as Lore Bert, Daniel Buren, Mohammed Kazem, Joseph Kosuth, Nam Tchun-Mo, Fabrizio Plessi, Arne Quinze, Reinhard Roy, Turi Simeti, Günther Uecker, Jan van Munster. Just like the lagoon city itself, which stands for diversity and the meeting of different cultures, this exhibition is also in the best sense a melting pot of art, for which only the best has been selected.


Mercanti e stracciaioli nel Ghetto di Venezia

 2 May - 30 August 2023

The Ikona Gallery space presents an exhibition, commissioned by the Jewish Community of Venice, which aims to be an open window on the daily life of the Venetian Ghetto through its history. The exhibition will retrace intertwining stories, offering the opportunity to admire precious fabrics linked to the Jewish liturgy, exhibited after careful restoration and belonging to the collections of the Jewish Museum of Venice.

L'Insieme Vuoto - Maurizio Donzelli

09 April 2022 - 23 July 2022

Metamorfosi. Percorsi oltre la forma_Installation view(1)
Yojiro Imasaka, _BC#9_, 2021, Type C-Print, 72 x 102 cm, Edizione unica + 1 AP
Metamorfosi. Percorsi oltre la forma_Installation view(2)

Marignana Arte
Metamorphosis. Paths beyond the form
11 March - 16 September 2023

Marignana Arte presents a new project in the gallery's main space, bringing together the works of four represented artists (fuse*, Yojiro Imasaka, Silvia Infranco, Giulio Malinverni), addressing the theme of metamorphosis.
The term metamorphosis literally means everything that goes beyond its own form. This concept takes on different meanings depending on the context in which it is used. It is certainly more specific when applied in the scientific field, where it concerns precise changes in organic structures due to the evolutionary processes that determine them. However, the category of metamorphosis is often used in contexts unrelated to the laws of biology or botany: in art, literature, but also in common speech, it indicates, for example, the profound transformation that a human being or an entire culture may experience.

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A symbolic place of protection in nature, the nest represents a broader concept that evokes affection, intimacy, care, dedication and vital genesis. The care and dedication that birds typically use in building their nests is the same that can be indirectly read in the work of Marina and Susanna Sent, two Murano designers who, starting from the jewel, the strong point and historical starting point of their brand, have reached more recent sculptural objects. The liveliness and fantasy of colors drawn from the Murano tradition characterize the Sent style but coexist happily with a clear propensity towards minimalism, a research into the very essence of glassmaking.

11 September - 16 September 2023



Galleria Michela Rizzo

Nanni Balestrini - Altre e infinite voci

15 July - 28 September 2023

Galleria Michela Rizzo is pleased to announce the exhibition Nanni Balestrini. Other and infinite voices which will open on 14 July 2023. The exhibition, curated by Marco Scotini and in collaboration with the Luigi Nono Archive in Venice, is the first Italian solo show after the artist's death in 2019 and intends to present a wide range of original documentary material, together with a selection of over 50 works by the artist dating back to the 1960s.

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The Eel

5 September - 21 October 2023

Defined by its clarity, honesty and empathy, Chantal Joffe’s art is attuned to our awareness as both observers and observed beings, and is questioning, complex and emotionally rich. Over the summer, the artist has worked in the gallery’s studio in Venice, completing paintings – self-portraits; paintings of her daughter, Esme; still lifes – against the backdrop of the city at its high-season peak, a place of magnificence, stimulation, pleasure, excess and decay, endlessly toppling into one another.

The exhibition is accompanied by The Spoils, a new essay by Olivia Laing, who writes, ‘How can you paint all this? Put your body in the middle of it and hope to catch a flash as something vanishes or changes state. The only way to walk in the crowd is to submit to its sleepwalker pace, and maybe these pictures are a little like that. Lido, vaporetto, tramezzini on a plate. Everything is gorgeous, everything contains its secret evidence of death.’

Victoria Miro Venice


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