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Luciana Lamothe, Untitled, 2014, Phenolic wood boards, steel pipes, scaffolding clamps, va

Galleria Alberta Pane

Folding Roads unfolds in the spaces of the Venetian gallery, bringing into dialogue four main bodies of works: sculptures, works on paper, photographs and videos created over the last decade. Through different media, the exhibition invites us to explore Luciana Lamothe's practice, focusing in particular on the constant tensive, empathic, sensitive and physical relationship between body and matter that has been a constant feature of her work for many years.

Folding Roads, Luciana Lamothe

16 April - 27 July 2024

Winter Seas - Beatrice Burati Anderson Art Space & Gallery - Cartografia del mare_
Winter Seas - Beatrice Burati Anderson Art Space & Gallery - exhibition view_Mauro Pipani.

Beatrice Burati Anderson Art Space & Gallery

15 May - 13 August 2023

The exhibition presents two site-specific installations by Emilio Fantin and Marzio Zorio. Sounds, lights, voices, drawings and some very essential objects, redesign the gallery’s spaces in both a fascinating and quite radical way. Through the narrative’s flow of a performance realized by five people, almost day-dreamers, it’s possible to tap into some normally undetectable areas of perception. On the other side, the dialogue between sound resonances and light reverberations, potentially allows all languages to be understood. The artists explore subtle and imperceptible territories, drawing a kind of intimacy’s landscape in the space of relationship (Fantin), or focusing on the sense of disorientation and distance, as they become ways to find a condition of balance (Zorio). An unexpected space of freedom is here unveiled, right in that silent, often unreachable condition belonging to both individual and collective consciousness. (C.S.)



Once again, after more than fifty years of a brilliant artistic career, Richard Meitner’s work seems poised once again to take on new and intriguing form. The artist has worked for decades with glass, and from very early on, frequently combined it in surprising ways with other materials. With an impressive career also as a highly respected professor in art education, his artworks are presently included in the permanent collections of more than 60 museums throughout the world.

Richard Meitner

24 February - 29 June 2024


La Galleria Dorothea Van der Koelen


19 April- 24 November 2024

My Mainz gallery is celebrating its 45th birthday this year - La Galleria Venezia has been in existence for 23 years-and I thought for a long time about what the theme of this year's exhibition might be. When I realized the horrors that are happening in our world right now - wars, hunger, climate change, the energy crisis, the loss of human dignity and compassion - I thought: we have to create a counter-model with art. We have to use art to offer a forum, to create a level where we can be happy despite all these adversities. And what can this forum offer us? Beauty. The concept of beauty is unanimously associated with something good and positive. That's why I titled the exhibition “Visions of Beauty.” Because I want to take people to a world that is not characterized by these horrors, that has nothing destructive, but to take them to a world full of beauty, of peace, of freedom of thought.


Živa Kraus – Pièces Uniques. Franco Fontana

11 April - 22 June 2024

The exhibition Pièces Uniques presents itself to the viewer as a selection of some thirty works on paper from 1972 to 2010, in which recurs the Leit Motiv of city, of a unique city in which the artist has chosen to live, to which he does not cease to devote the cultural legacy of a lifetime: Venice. The French expression Pièces Uniques/Pezzi Unici intervenes as an invitation to a condition of the gaze as recollection within a temple and thus in cultic terms and not in terms of quick fruition.


L'Insieme Vuoto - Maurizio Donzelli

09 April 2022 - 23 July 2022


Marignana Arte
In ordinem redigere (the art of recomposing memories)
25 May - 27 July  2024

In ordinem redigere (the art of recomposing memories) is a bipersonal exhibition dedicated to the works of Maurizio Pellegrin and Verónica Vázquez, two internationally renowned artists who have been collaborating with Marignana Arte Gallery for years. While profoundly different in terms of biography, aesthetic and expressive choices, Pellegrin and Vázquez share a focus on maintaining or highlighting the relationship with the past, with the history of the materials, artefacts and objects from
which they realise their works.


The Exhibition ideally reconnects the public to an event that occurred in 1947 on the island of the same name near New York City that brought together some of the most celebrated and visionary theoretical physicists of the time - the likes of Richard Feynman, John Archibald Wheeler, Edward Teller, David Bohm, John von Neumann, Hans Bethe, J. Robert Oppenheimer and Freeman Dyson - to discuss the fundamental problems of quantum mechanics at the dawn of the invention of the atomic bomb. The Summit, remembered by history as the legendary Shelter Island Summit to be exact, was the first after the resolution of World War II and initiated the attitude of sharing scientific knowledge on which today's delicate global balances still rest.

22 May - 24 October 2024

Shelter Island


Galleria Michela Rizzo

Brian Eno - Gibigiane

19 April - 10 July 2024

Galleria Michela Rizzo is delighted to announce the third solo exhibition by British artist Brian Eno, recently honoured with the prestigious Leone d'Oro at La Biennale Musica, Venice. Eno, one of the most influential thinkers, artists, and composers of our era, defies conventional boundaries by traversing various spheres and blurring the lines between artistic categories. Regarded as a pioneer of Generative Art, Eno's fascination with creative processes since childhood has shaped his entire body of work, with a major focus on concept and process.

Brian Eno_invito opening_edited.jpg

Sarah Sze

16 April- 16 June 2024

In a new moving-image installation, entitled Sleepers, 2024, Sze transforms the gallery with an array of ever-changing projections suspended throughout the space that coalesce as both memento mori and memento vivere – a reminder that life is transient, and also that life must be lived. Expanding upon these notions, Sze’s latest series of paintings are shown in surroundings that bring the specific mise-en-scène of her New York studio to a nearby Venetian apartment, evoking a sense that the artist has just stepped away from her place of work, and offering an unparalleled and intimate encounter with the processes that brought the works into being.

Victoria Miro Venice


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