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Prova d'orchestra, 2020

The gap between the photography, from which Michele Bubacco begins to work, and the pictorial works created, is remarkable. The photographic image is nothing but an excuse to undertake the pictorial operation, and the artist feels a closeness of method to what Titian did in his paintings: sometimes the work of art can assume, during his evolutionary process, features strongly different from what seemed to be the initial idea, even upsetting the preconditions.

the artist/

Michele Bubacco

Michele Bubacco (Venezia, 1983) lives and works between Wien and Venice. Among his most recent exhibition it is possible to find some personal and some collective shows in Austria, in different Italian cities as Bolzano, Palermo and Venice, in Tel Aviv and in New York. Since 2018, he attends to the Simposio di Pittura, Fondazione Lac o Le Mon, San Cesario di Lecce, created by Luigi Presicce.


Michele Bubacco

Prova d'orchestra, 2020

oil on lp cover



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