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Venezia vedute,1994

“I feel a deep commitment for Venice, and this is what encourages me to visit many times this city. […] Which Venice could be represented? There are so many images that sometimes the real Venice fades: it seems familiar even before visiting it. I started to become concerned with the discrete aspects of the city, with the atmospheres that create her particular genius, in order to develop my personal idea of the venetian “veduta” and to avoid the clichés of the venetian iconography. I decided to interlace the surfaces in order to add reflection and textures to the great impact, and to overlap what is far and what is near for subverting the logic of levels and distances. In these random combinations, obtained with a double exhibition of shoots of the same place, the disintegration counteracts the durability, the irruption of erosions makes us perceive the precarity of the buildings and the unusual confusion of glory and disaster. These photographs, revealing the ephemeral and the durable, express an intimate Venice, between reality and dream, very near to the images made by the mind. These “vedute” are a confirmation of the passion I feel for Venice singularity and inquisitive beauty”. – John Batho

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John Batho

John Batho, born in Normandy in 1939, has started to devote himself to colour photography since 1961, exhibiting his works in some of the most important museums and galleries of the world. In Venice he has been presented many times at various time at Ikona Photo Gallery: firstly, in 1983 with the exhibition “La couleur et son lieu: Deauville, Venise, Burano”, subsequently at the Magazzini del Sale in 1997 and at the headquarter in Campo del Ghetto Nuovo in 2007 with the personal exhibition “Venezia Vedute”. He has also been hosted in 1987 by the Museo di Storia della Fotografia Fratelli Alinari in Florence.


John Batho 

Venezia vedute, 1994



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