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Glass, 2003

Chuck Freedman Glass shows the photographs od his last work, which is a summa and synthesis of his intimate knowledge of the city. In his photography the glass id the light in the transparency, in the colour, in the continuous movement and reflection that becomes the seal of the city, the voice of the Venice stones. I hope that these photographs, these crystals, will be useful for walking in the infinite line of light and for paying attention to the unique city that Venice is.

Alan Jones writes: “The optics, with its mechanics and its rules, is at the base of our world perception. A blind man amplifies his others senses, he feels more intensely sounds and smells; instead of using the camera or the recorder, he voyage in the world with the only help of a white stick or of an trained dog. A certain melancholy emerges from the desire of the photographer of grabbing the imago of the world, of life. Especially if he wears glasses”.

the artist/

Chuck Freedman

Chuck Freedman was born in 1945 in Washington D.C., where he graduated from the Catholic University of America in 1967. He moved to New York City in 1968 and started working as a photographer for newspapers and magazines. In 1973 he began studying photography and collaborating with Lisette Model. He was her assistant until she died in 1983. Since 1979 he also specialized in the design of artist workspaces, with such clients as the film director Jonathan Demme and the musician David Byrne from Talking Heads.

After his first exhibition at Ikona Photo Gallery in 1980, he started his collaboration with Živa Kraus and he installed several exhibitions for Ikona Gallery, both in Venice and in other Italian cities. Ikona Gallery presented various solo exhibits of Freedman works, in the gallery’s spaces but also in New York in 1984. In 2003 Chuck Freedman supported Živa Kraus as a designer in opening Ikona Venezia International School of Photography in Campo del Ghetto Nuovo in Venice.

The artist passed away in Savannah in September 2016.


Chuck Freedman

Glass, 2003




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