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the work/

Fez-Fez 7, 1998

The artwork refers to a place in Northern Africa and describes the market of wool-dyers.  Shadows full of warm exoticism. Circularity of the tanks and repetitive modular geometry. The red of the poppy dyes the wool piled up at the edges. An atavistic craftwork that finds its primitive taste in ancient gestures.

the artist/

Fabrizio Plessi 

Italy, 1940

The artist emblematically represents the possible alliance between artistic inspiration and advanced technology, namely he concentrates most of his works on combining ancient architectural or sculptural elements with new media. The technology integrates the material and the abstract of the video completes the concreteness of the objects.

Plessi consider that the humanization of technology is possible and expresses a statement that excludes the purely pessimistic vision according to which technology and the new media numb the senses and ‘remove’ the human capacity for a constructive criticism.

Fabrizio Plessi doesn’t express himself only through video language, but constantly search the possibility of synthesis of different expressive forms, such as drawing. His graphic images are the first representations of his imaginary world, representations of a future video installation. For Plessi, the drawing becomes a way to approach and fully understand the ancestral physicality of materials, always represented in contact or in comparison with the means in use of technology.


Fabrizio Plessi

Fez-Fez 7, 1998


35 x 28 cm


On request


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