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Untitled, 1999

The first numbered and signed graphic works by Chillida are two etching from 1959, marking the beginning of a very extensive oeuvre. The basic concept is the presence of the “heavy” black block with white internal lines. In the relationship to the white inner lines they are executed broadly and are frequently rounded. No color appears in the print in the places where the block is wrought. Black plains are homogeneous, not put together and no longer serve as a background for something else.

the artist/

Eduardo Chillida

Spain, 1924 - 2002

Innovator and avant-garde, pioneer of contemporary sculpture and space-specific monuments, studied architecture in Madrid for a few years, but then he decided to concentrates more and more on free art. In the course of his artistic life, he acquired a repertory of forms unmistakable in all medial manifestations, be it as sculpture in stone, wood, iron, steel or concrete, as work in fireclay or alabaster, as drawing, collage, print or in the relief structure he developed.

Chillida’s basic theme is space, the physical space, felt or sensed, but also – and indispensable for his understanding of the world – cosmic space.

The overcoming of gravity, the de-materialisation of matter, the dialectical tension between massive, compact material and its optical dissolution by dynamism, by movement, by seeming annulment of the laws of gravity.

Chillida has called himself an “architect of the void”; his sculptural work is architectonic, in all artistic expressions.

Won the International Grand Prize for Sculpture at the Venice Biennial in 1958 and was awarded the Kandinsky Prize in 1960.


Eduardo Chillida

Untitled, 1999

dry point on eskulan paper

31 x 22,5 cm


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