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Little Ulysses, 2004

"Little Ulysses are lifeboats as those used by our children to play on the beach, but they are black and look like lifeboats of small smugglers. They allude to some of the many small illegal immigrants landed in an unknown country or previously lost in the sea. Certainly, the glass oars will not assist them to advance, because the hypothesis is of a tough journey, as tough is simply to live. 

Migrations and travels are written in the DNA of the mankind. I was born in Argentina from Russian grandparents who arrived in Buenos Aires from St. Petersburg and emigrated to Italy to escape the military dictatorship. I am a migrant.

I know that art will hardly change the world but I am convinced that it can influence the vision of the beholder. As an artist I certainly have more questions than answers but most of my work consists of questioning the invisibility of a part of humanity”

Silvia Levenson

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Silvia Levenson

She was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1957, she lives in Italy since 1981. Descended from a family of Jews who escaped the Russian pogroms of 1904, she herself in turn fleeing Videla's Argentina. Silvia Levenson scrutinizes the cruel domestic arena with an enviable black humor as a survivor. He has exhibited in several collective and personal exhibitions and is present in numerous public collections, including The Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, NY, the Museum of Fine Art, Houston, USA and the Coleccion Casa de Las Americas, Cuba.



Silvia Levenson

Little Ulysses, 2004

resine, glass


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